Free Pattern Softie Swan

* White fabric - 40 cm x 60 cm (16 in x 24 in)
* Vintage fabric - 30 cm x 20 cm ( 12 in x 8 in)
* Orange felt (beak)
* Brown felt (eyes)
* Dark yellow felt - 12 cm x 12 cm ( 5 in x 5 in) (legs)
* Cross-stitch thread (dark yellow)
* Stuffing - polyfill

Download free sewing pattern here.

Trace and cut out the pattern, except for the wings of the swan. Seam allowance is not included in the pattern. Start making the body of the swan. The legs consist of two layers felt. Sew both layers together with a blanket stitch. Sew the notches in the lower part of the body closed. Pin the legs into position and sew down. Double-stitch over the legs.

Place the lower body piece right-side up on your work surface. Place the second body piece right-side down on top and pin the body pieces together. Sew the body pattern. Turn right-side out. The result is shown on the picture below.

Continue with the head. With right sides facing, pin down the head-fabrics. Sew the head pattern. Pin down the orange felt and sew the beak pattern. Place the beak into position; the head positioned vertically and the beak positioned horizontally. Hand-sew the beak to the head. Turn right-side out.

The wings consist of one part, visually divided into two seperate wings. The upper part of the wing-fabric is crinkled to suggest feathers. Fold the fabric widthwise every three cm (1.2 in) about 1 cm (0.4 in) deep and pin down. Place the second wing-fabric right-side down on top and pin down. Trace and cut out the wing-pattern. Sew the wing pattern. Leave a 3.5 cm (1,5 in) opening for turning right-side out. Remove all pins before turning right-side out. Turn right-side out. Hand-sew the opening closed.

Crinkle the upper part of the wing-fabric again every three cm (1.2 in) in the middle and pin down. For the best result, each fold is shifted 1.5 cm (o.6 in) downwards. Hand-sew the wings to the body straight from c to d through the middle, as shown in the picture below. Do also sew the sides of the wings to the body of the swan.

Using a stuffing stick, push small amounts of stuffing into the head and body part until it's firm and even. Hand-sew the head to the body.

Embroider the eyes on the brown felt. Hand-sew the felt (eyes and nose) to the head.

© small dreamfactory
intended for non commercial use only


  1. Thank you for so generously sharing your talent! My great niece will love the dress and the coat (if it gets made (- : )
    I pinned two or three of your patterns to Pinterest. They are so great. Love the swan softie.
    Thanks again.

  2. merci, j'ai traduit le texte et je vais me mettre à l'ouvrage
    merci du partage je le fais moi même avec mon blog "
    bravo pour votre travail

  3. Dank je wel voor het mooie patroon van de softie swan.
    Ik heb de zwaan met veel plezier gemaakt.
    Je kan de zwaan zien op mijn blog
    Nogmaals bedankt en ik vind de blog smalldreamfactory geweldig!

    Hartelijke groet,

    Bernadette van Haaster